Thursday, May 10, 2007

Buy my car!!! (2005 MINI Cooper)

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This is my car - his name is Kuba (short for Jacob, which is Polish for Jake!). I am SO sad to see him go, but he must! I have just finished school and am moving to Chicago, where I will not need a car.

Here's a better description:

2005 MINI Cooper; Excellent condition w/~31K miles. Other than when I've been on the road driving, I have housed the car in a garage since purchase.

Chili Red body w/white roof; full-size moonroof; black leather upholstery; cruise control; ZCW (Cold weather package); ZPP (Premium package); ZSP (Sport package); Harmon-Kardon sound system (includes CD/MP3 player, AM/FM radio); chrome bumper, chrome door mirror caps. Package details: ZCW - heated mirrors and washer jets; heated front seats ZPP - multi-function steering wheel; glass moonroof; automatic air conditioning; on-board computer ZSP - DSC (Dynamic Stability Control); rear spoiler; 15" alloy 5-star wheels; sport seats, fogs lights.1.6-liter overhead cam (OHC), 16-valve inline 4-cylinder engine (115 hp) 5-speed manual Getrag transmission MacPherson strut front suspension w/Multi-link rear suspension Electro-hydraulic, engine-speed-sensitive, power steering.

The MINI factory warranty is valid until August 31, 2008!! The maintenance program remaining (scheduled oil changes, check ups, etc.) is good through August 31, 2007.

Gas mileage has been VERY good - I can drive just about 500 miles (highway) on one full tank of gas. That's like going from Bloomington, IN to Lakeview (Chicago) AND BACK! It is rated 36MPG/highway and 28MPG/city, but the car averages about 38 MPG/highway and 24-26/city. Of course, it all depends on how you drive!

My asking price is based on TMV (True Market Value). For a price estimate, check out or Kelley Blue Book Compare one of those estiamtes with price of a new MINI of the same build at $25,700 and you'll see just how good a deal this can be!

You'd be crazy to pass up the chance to buy this car - really.

Kuba is the sweetest, sexiest, sportiest car I've ever known. I'm as sad as his owner that he has to sell him. I myself am not in a situation where I can currently buy a car, or this blog would not exist. I would have bought Kuba myself the instant I found out he had to be sold:)

He is so fun to drive! He has been cared for impeccably, and is a well-loved sweetheart of a Mini. He also has a wonderful practical side. We've been able to put an impressive amount of stuff from shopping trips in the back. I've driven Kuba, sat in the passenger seat and the back seat, and was always comfortable. Surprisingly roomy for a small car, because it's so well designed.

I'll miss you Kubacita:(

Don't buy him unless you're fully prepared and willing to love a very sweet little car!